Meet Nobantu

Nobantu hails from South Africa. Being amongst the first five African Coaches globally to be accredited as a MCC by the International Coach Federation, and having experience in varied sectors, Nobanto is a sought-after facilitator for Leadership Development Programs and coaches internationally.

Nobantu follows the agenda of the client in her coaching. Through probing questions and sharing just in time observations, she takes clients deep and helps them to identify their blind spots and embrace their shadows. Clients go deeper into the sub-conscious and unconscious levels and dance with what emerges. She provides a safe and open space for focus and exploration. She moves on a continuum of being non-directive to directive depending on what is missing in the client’s system.

No matter what she does she gets to the HEART of the client and the HEART of the matter. As a Buddhist practitioner and teacher she supports her clients in integrating the head, heart, instinctual and spiritual intelligence. She does amazing heart work with clients based on the principles of UBUNTU ‘I am because we are’.

Nobantu is an accredited Enneagram Teacher (Narrative Tradition) and Enneagram Coach (Enneagram in Business and Deep Coaching). She is a Buddhist Teacher a Process Facilitator and Facilitator of Peace Circles. She trains, supervises and Mentor Coaches other coaches. She has experience in the private, public, NGO, NPO, Higher Education, as a coach and an OD Facilitator. Nobantu developed the Ubuntu Coaching programme that assists coaches to connect at the heart level with their clients. Live coach demonstrations on Ubuntu Coaching have been done both locally and internationally.

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Buddhist & Mindfulness Practitioner & Teacher
  • Gestalt Practitioner
  • Process Work Facilitator
  • Accredited Enneagram Teacher & Coach
  • M.A. Guidance & Counselling – Durham University, UK
  • B.A. Personnel Management – University of Fort Hare, South Africa

My Coaching My calling


Ubuntu Coach Training Programme

Ubuntu is an African ancient wisdom that emphasizes interconnectedness. Ubuntu in isiXhosa (my language) is Umntu Ngumntu Ngabantu, translated this means I AM BECAUSE WE ARE. This implies that I cannot be fully who I am destined to be, if you are not fully who you are destined to be. Nobantu Mpotulo is the first person in the world to develop Ubuntu Coaching. The training is for experienced, new and aspiring coaches. The training is over four sessions, each session is four hours and the sessions are offered through Zoom to benefit people globally. We have included an app to integrate learning after each module.

What to expect during the programme?

Nobantu draws from her vast coaching experience of more than 20 years and from being a Master Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation. She integrates in the programme Ubuntu, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Intelligence and Mindfulness Practices.

Module 1: Understanding Self and Ubuntu Way of Being

In module we cover Ubuntu, ICF Core Competencies and relevant Emotional Intelligence competencies. We introduce Ubuntu Coaching Model RASEA. Through interactive practices and activities participants learn about Ubuntu, explore how they have consciously or unconsciously living Ubuntu. Introduction to Ubuntu Coaching, Ubuntu Mantra and the 7 Cs of Ubuntu. This leads to an integrated heart, body and soul practices that connects participants deeply to themselves and to others. After module 1 participants go through app-based integration practices

Module 2: Deep Dive into ICF Core Competencies and Ubuntu Coaching Model

In module we dive deeper into the following ICF Competencies

Competency 2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset

Competency 3: Establishes and Maintains Agreements

Competency 4: Cultivates Trust and safety

Deeper Dive into the Ubuntu Coaching Model

R- Receive client – we zone into how to receive clients in an Ubuntu philosophy

A- Appreciate and Acknowledge Client. We dive deep into practices of empathy, compassion and attunement

Sailing 7 Cs of Ubuntu

After module 2 participants go through app-based integration practices

Module 3: Deep Dive into ICF Core Competencies and Ubuntu Coaching Model

Cover ICF Competencies

Competency 5: Maintains Presence

Competency 6: Listens Actively

Deeper Dive into the Ubuntu Coaching Model

S- Summarizes After the coach has actively listened, summarising what is important to the client

Practice Otto Sharma’s 4 levels of listening and address barriers to effective listening

Practice live coaching using Ubuntu Coaching

After module 3 participants go through app-based integration practices

Module 4: Deep Dive into ICF Core Competencies and Ubuntu Coaching Model

Cover ICF Competencies

Competency 7: Evokes Awareness

Competency 8: Facilitates Client Growth

Deeper Dive into the Ubuntu Coaching Model

E- Evokes Awareness helps to broaden the awareness of the participants through mindfulness practices and sensory experiencing.

A-Ask ask questions that will support the client in committing to actions

Practice full circle coaching integrating all ICF competencies and Ubuntu Model.

What to expect after the training?

Record a 20 minute coaching session encompassing ICF competencies and Ubuntu Model. After revision of recording feedback from facilitator.

After satisfying the requirements of the training programme participants will receive 20 ICF CCEs.


Ubuntu Coaches are able to fully see the best  in their clients and everyone they interact with. Register for the upcoming Ubuntu Coach Training Course to become and Ubuntu Coach.

Duration: Four Weeks
Course dates for 2024 
March 5, 14, 19 & 21,
May 21,28,30 & Jun 4,
Sept 3, 5, 24, 26,
Oct 31 & Nov 7, 19, 21
Times: 15:00 – 19:00 (CAT), 08:00 / 09:00 – 12:00 (EST)

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